Chiropractic Care and Popping Joints—A Discussion

March 29, 2019

While the odd snap and pop are common during a chiropractic session, you shouldn’t be hearing them every time you stretch after a long bout of typing on your keyboard.


Sure, it’s great to feel those neck and shoulders joints open up. But that sudden disappearance of tension in your muscles, while satisfying, can actually be your body’s way of telling you something about its condition.


What Causes Your Joints to Make that Popping Sound?


There’s a medical term for joint cracking known as Crepitus. Marked by the grinding, snapping, knocking, cracking, and popping sounds your body makes, Crepitus is caused by one of three conditions:

  • Joint Movement: Fibers known as tendons and ligaments connect the bones to your joint muscles and can be affected by movement. Snapping and popping sounds occur when these tendons—which move out of place—snap back into position.

  • Cavitation or Boiling: These are the gas bubbles that release from your joints when they’re stretched. Often heard when you crack your knuckles or neck, cavitations occurs when fluid builds up between your joints.

  •  popping joints are a common symptom of arthritis, since the condition causes your joints to become rougher. Basic movement for those with arthritis causes noise such as constant grinding and cracking.


How a Chiropractor Can Help


Going to a chiropractor for your popping joints can seem intimidating at first; but they know how to realign your entire system and can make you feel better.


However, it’s important to note that the sounds emitted during proper manipulation of your skeletal system aren’t just for helping your body release trapped gas bubbles so you can feel lighter.


In addition to aligning your joints, professional chiropractic care for popping joints can actually impact your entire central nervous system by:

  • Restoring your balance

  • Allowing nerve function to flow throughout your body

  • Restoring neck and back pain

  • Resolving any digestive issues

  • Easing bodily stress

  • Restoring motion for your muscles and joints

However with all these benefits, there’s a catch here. Only a professional chiropractor can provide your body with long-term relief.

But, since you’re here at Elite Wellness Spine and Sport, there’s no need to worry about finding the right candidate.

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