Maintaining A Healthy Spine: What You Need to Know

November 15, 2018


Let’s face it, many of us don’t really take that much care of our spines, and it ends up costing us a lot in the long run. As we age, the cushion of youth we previously had starts degrading. With it increases pain and chronic stiffness, which many of us choose to live with, accepting it as an inevitable part of life. But it’s never too late; maintaining a healthy spine at any age can go a long way.

While deterioration does occur as a result of aging, leading a life focused around taking care of your back will help you live out your golden years comfortably.

No need to bow down to spinal problems, with these care tips, you can easily maintain the spinal health.

Make Sure Your Spine Can Rest While You Sleep

Sleep is the body’s natural healing mechanism— as we sleep, the body and mind repair all the day’s wear and tear. Now, while you’re lying down to sleep, it is important that you keep your back and spine in mind as well. Get yourself a mattress and pillows that can help optimal spine alignment as you sleep. As long as your back is positioned in a comfortable and supported way, your spine will be okay.

Exercise Your Core Muscles

Exercising the front can help with back. Working on your core muscles, especially your lower abdominals can strengthen the back muscles as well. Exercising on your core trains your body to share the load your back takes.

Watch What Shoes You Wear

Whether you’re walking as a form of exercise or for day to day activities, wearing the right shoes can play a vital role in supporting your spine. Back-care shoes offer a supportive base that helps the body and spine remain in alignment. Arched shoes that are snug-fitted but not overly tight are ideal.

Limit Sitting Time and Practice Proper Ergonomics

The spinal disc is pressured 3 times more as you’re sitting rather than standing. Longer periods of continual sitting can aggravate the spine and lead to chronic back pain. Also, while sitting at a desk, we naturally slouch over which stresses the spinal lumbar discs even more. Practice good posture when sitting and sit on ergonomic office chairs.

Get Massage Therapy

Massage can offer stress relief and a variety of therapeutic benefits. Massage not only releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers, it also improves blood circulation in the body, healing many ailments. Regular massage can help improve chronic back pain and spinal health.

Looking for professional massage therapists and physical therapy experts in Wyckoff, NJ? Elite Wellness has just what you need! Offering everything from chiropractors to various physical therapy treatments, we’re your go-to wellness clinic!

Call us now on (201) 652-1010!

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